Become biologically younger

Your personal health plan for a longer life

Through advanced precision medicine, we create an individual framework for your health and provide a continuous support – so that you can optimize your performance and lower your biological age.

Become biologically younger

Your personal health plan for a longer life

Through advanced precision medicine, we create an individual framework for your health and provide a continuous support – so that you can optimize your performance and lower your biological age.


Advanced health analysis

An advanced analysis of your current health status and potential future risks based on precision medicine

  • Smart lifestyle assessment

  • Blood work (57 markers)
  • DNA analysis
  • Epigenetic mapping
  • Biological age assessment
  • Cardiovascular testing


Review with your personal doctor

Your personal physician will review your current health status, genetic risks, and your personal health plan for you to live a longer and better life.

  • Digital meeting with your physician

  • Review of test results
  • Tailored advice on diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, weight management, supplements
  • Genetic risks for diseases and how to mitigate them
  • Individual health strategy


Unlimited access and continuous monitoring with your personal doctor

As a member at NEM you will gain unlimited access to your personal physician, beyond your quarterly blood tests, and continuous biometric monitoring.

  • Recurring blood sampling

  • Updates to your dynamic health plan
  • Continuous biometric tracking
  • Unlimited access to your personal physician
  • Advice on wearables
  • Advice on supplements

90% get results within 3 months or less

In our most recent customer survey, 90% of our clients stated that they experienced an improvement in their health within 3 months or less.

Take control of your life

It can feel difficult to make lifestyle changes without giving up the good things in life. With the tools to reduce your biological age and to live a better life that reduces the risk of chronic diseases, you will at the same time have more energy to spend on what you like best. We help you achieve the perfect balance between a long-term sustainable life without reduced quality of life.


Stress management and cognitive performance optimization.

  • Stress and aging are strongly correlated
  • Optimize your health to stress less
  • Gain more energy, make better decisions, and perform at your best


Diet and exercise plans – based on your glucose levels

  • Exercise accurately based on your genetics
  • Find the right balance between exercise and recovery
  • Improve your work-out results through the right diet and supplements


Assess your biological age and learn how to prolong your healthy years in life.

  • Reveal your biological age through your DNA
  • Receive the tools to slow down your biological aging
  • Personally adjusted health plans with a focus to prolong your healthy years of life


Tools to improve your quality of sleep and increase your energy levels.

  • Learn how your sleep affects your well-being
  • Receive personal advice on how to optimize your sleep quality
  • We notice the relationship between your sleep and symptoms of early aging

Vitamin deficiency

Recommended supplements and vitamins based on your health status

  • Tailored advice based on your genetics, lifestyle, and diet
  • Learn if you suffer from any deficiencies and how to alleviate them
  • Optimize your well-being through tailored vitamin intake via diet or supplementation


Guidance and support from your personal physician

  • Learn which foods you should consume based on your genetics and DNA
  • Optimize your energy levels and work-out results with an accurate diet
  • Assure an optimal diet through recurring blood works

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to get started?

Your health journey begins as soon as you purchase the service via the website.

Whether you choose NEM Lite or NEM 360, you can start by registering and answering your health questionnaire immediately after purchasing the service. You can also submit your first blood sample via drop-in – and as soon as we have received all the test results from the lab, we will book you in for a doctor’s consultation. We guide you through the entire journey!

When can I do my blood test?

Your blood test can be done within a few days from the time you have purchased the service and registered.

When will I receive an answer to my genetics/DNA test?

This sample takes a little longer to analyze and the answer usually takes a couple of weeks from when you have submitted the samples. As soon as these results are analyzed, we make an appointment to go over the answers with your doctor.

If something were to be serious, what happens?

If your doctor sees a serious abnormality in any of the samples, the doctor will contact you by phone, or schedule you for a call as soon as possible. We take full responsibility for all samples ordered and the individual doctor will follow up on any deviations and help you as quickly as possible.

If I am at risk of a disease - does that mean I will get that disease?

No, having a risk for a disease means that you have, for example, an increased genetic risk, or perhaps that your lifestyle contributes to an increased risk of a disease. Your doctor will advise you and tailor a health plan based on your circumstances, so that you can avoid developing this disease or the diseases for which you are at risk.

How much does a health analysis cost?

Doing a one-time analysis (NEM Lite) costs SEK 5,490. Becoming a member (NEM 360) costs

SEK 2,490 per month with a 12-month commitment period. The majority of our clients see a significant improvement in their health within three months and all experience improvement within a year of starting their membership*. Health is complex and it takes time to build a personal relationship with your doctor, which is why we recommend that you invest the time required to complete a real health journey – both as a client and as a clinician.

*Nordic Executive Medicine Customer Survey 2022

How much does it cost with unlimited access to doctors?

This is included free of charge in the NEM 360 membership.

Which samples are included in a health examination/health check?

Regardless of whether you buy NEM Lite or NEM 360, a comprehensive blood test is included. If you are a man, 57 health markers are included, and 53 if you are a woman. Read more about the difference between men’s and women’s sampling in the question below. We check nine different categories of samples specifically designed from a healthy aging perspective (blood lipids, heart & vascular, blood sugar, liver/bile/pancreas, kidney, blood status, thyroid, hormones & inflammation, and vitamins & minerals). Read more about which markers are included here:

In addition to the blood tests, a smart lifestyle examination is always included, a health report in which all your test results appear with clear comments from the doctor, as well as a one-hour digital medical consultation where the answers are reviewed together with your doctor. The doctor who orders the samples takes responsibility and follows up the test results with you and explains in detail what these mean and what you can do to improve your health and your markers.

NEM 360 also includes a genetic mapping, biological age determination and a cardiovascular test. This membership includes continuous testing and regular contact with your private longevity coach, as well as regular medical contact, to constantly improve your health and work for a longer and healthier life.

Why does the number of markers differ between men and women?

The markers differ between men and women because we also screen for testosterone levels in men, i.e. male sex hormone.

There are several reasons why sex hormones are not done in a first screening in women. Above all, it is complex to screen for hormonal imbalances in women due to the individual female physiology – without having more clinical knowledge about the specific woman. Such a test requires an individually tailored plan that takes into account a detailed medical history, what phase you as a woman are in your menstrual cycle and the presence of associated symptoms.

The variation in hormone levels is individual and is affected by what phase of the menstrual cycle you are in. Also, there are more hormones than female sex hormones, and therefore there is no established medical term for what exactly is meant by hormonal imbalance.

To be able to properly investigate this, a discussion with a doctor and an individually developed plan is required, which takes your unique menstrual cycle, medical history, and other health markers into consideration. This test is therefore not performed in an initial screening for women but can be added if the need exists as a next step in your membership via NEM 360.

What types of questions are asked in the lifestyle survey?

The lifestyle survey is a health survey where you will answer 61 questions. The questions concern your lifestyle, perceived symptoms, stress, living situation, sleep, and medical history. This exam helps the doctor connecting your test results, genetics, and health goals to create an optimal health plan based on your needs and life.

What will I learn from an online health test?

We do not consider that an online health test, where you only fill in a form or take a blood sample, is good enough to give individual recommendations about, for example, lifestyle, diet or nutritional supplements. A health test with questionnaires needs to be complemented with blood samples to be reviewed by a licensed doctor, so that you can discuss your needs and decide on further treatment. Please read more about this in our article on dietary supplements and health quiz online.

What does the DNA test show?

We do two types of DNA/genetics tests. One shows your biological age, i.e. the age of your body. Your biological age may be higher or lower than your chronological age, which helps your doctor further assess your health. For example, you can be 35 year chronologically, but as a result of a lot of stress in your everyday life, bad lifestyle choices and unhealthy diet, you can be biologically older. By analyzing biological age, we can make lifestyle interventions measurable, which can lead to increased motivation to make good choices in your everyday life. After one year of membership, the test is repeated to ensure that the interventions made during the year have produced the desired results and that your biological age has improved.

The second test maps your genetic predispositions and risks. Through this test, you will find out, for example, what might be extra good for you to eat, how you should exercise and if there is anything you should avoid. The test also shows whether you have an increased risk of a certain type of disease. This is good for your longevity coach to know to be able to tailor a health plan that takes your genetic risks into account, even if you seem to have a fit and healthy body. The results from this DNA test are complex and you rarely have time to review them during a doctor’s consultation, but this is done continuously throughout the year, where you and your doctor go over important points together. Your doctor leads the consultations, and you can feel safe knowing that your personal doctor knows you and your family, your history and your medical information.

How do I become a member?

Choose a service and pay conveniently via the website:

Do you offer business solutions?

We offer health services to companies to secure a good and safe working environment. Please contact us to find out how we can help your employees with the systematic work environment within your organization.

What is longevity?

Longevity means “long life” in short. At NEM we strive to live a long and healthy life and today we see an increasingly aging population with an increase in age-related diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases and more. Longevity Medicine is a rapidly growing medical field that belongs to modern evidence-based medicine, where unhealthy aging is seen as a root cause of many of the diseases we have in society. By slowing down or even reversing the body’s aging process, one can get to the bottom of the symptoms that arise as a result of age-related diseases. This is primarily done via proactive health work that not only reduces the risk of illness but rather optimizes our current health and well-being. It can be as simple as starting to eat right, exercise right and sleep long enough for one’s needs. Read more about the field via the professional medical association Healthy Longevity Medicine Society here:

What is precision medicine?

Precision medicine (also called individual, personal or tailored medicine) aims to provide patients with care and treatment that is tailored to the patient’s unique conditions and needs. At NEM, we strive to provide optimal recommendations for one’s personal health, well-being and longevity through personal knowledge and data-driven individual development. By combining a precision medicine approach to the longevity field, we actively work together with our clients to achieve this goal. Read more here:

A unique health framework – created for you

Through advanced health tests (blood, urine and saliva) combined with in-depth discussions about your lifestyle and risk factors, we create your unique baseline. Based on this, we can continuously optimize your health and work proactively to prevent disease and extend your healthy years in life.

Smart lifestyle assessment

Blood analysis

Epigenetic mapping

DNA analysis

Biological age assessment

Cardiovascular test

Tailored health advice

Individual health strategy

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