Longevity and Precision medicine

Precision health identifies and treats underlying conditions for symptoms that you experience. An individual strategy is created based on the unique individual – in contrast to conventional health care that gives general advice, knowledge, and medical treatment.

We work with precision medicine, which means that we work with result-oriented health care based on unique baselines created for each client. We work toward measurable goals and transform diffuse health advice into concrete guidelines for each client.

Precision health

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Conventional medicine, functional medicine, lifestyle medicine, and precision medicine – we straighten out the different concepts.

Traditional or conventional medicine has contributed to numerous advances in our modern world but has unfortunately been formed to treat diseases, rather than people, which makes it fundamentally reactive. This type of medicine is most suitable to take care of diseases with a clear and definable reason that we know by name and can treat thereafter. Simultaneously, this becomes conventional medicine’s largest limit where the focus lies on treating disease through conventional means with prescribed drugs or surgeons. This oftentimes leads to that chronic diseases and inflammatory states, which can be the result of bad lifestyle choices and other risk factors, being overlooked and left untreated.

Functional medicine is a medical orientation with the purpose of identifying and treating the underlying causes of chronic disease by helping individuals control their health. This lifestyle medicine is mainly improving people’s lifestyles through evidence-based means where the focus lies in lifestyle improvements.

Precision medicine (also known as individualized, personalized, or tailored medicine) aims to give patients care and treatment tailored to the patient’s unique preconditions and needs. Precision medicine takes both genetic and non-genetic factors such as age, gender, medical values, and lifestyle factors into account. NEM’s unique hybrid health care model combines the best methods from the various medical orientations to create a comprehensive picture of the individual as possible – to give tailored advice and tools adjusted to each individual’s unique preconditions. Focus rather lies on healthy aspects and optimizing health parameters to mitigate the risk of disease for the future – which we define as precision health.