“When I became aware of my health in-depth, my leadership and self-leadership improved. I am much more goal-oriented and make better decisions than before.”

Ares customer card. Arez, VD, Customer since three years ago
Arez customer journey
“I didn’t feel well and knowing where to start felt like a jungle.”

Arez met NEM for the first time in 2020 after recommendations from an acquaintance. At the time, he was living a hectic life with many commitments as a business leader and entrepreneur. The inconsistencies in his lifestyle were not only associated with physical health risks but were also a cause of constant stress and created difficulties in evaluating and relating to one’s health status. Arez wanted tools for healthier living, including learning how to prioritize correctly and establishing sustainable routines for everyday life and working life, respectively, based on science and proven experience.

“When I understood the difference between the support that I could receive from NEM versus the conventional care, the option was clear.”

The first step for Arez was to systematically evaluate his existing health condition in a data-driven fashion with a physician at NEM. Together, they established a baseline that could be monitored over time to study trends – and with the help of tailored and individualized solutions, Arez got the proper tools to work with. Based on assessments and guidance from his physician, amongst other things, an exercise routine with recommended supplements was established to optimize his physical health. After initial improvements in his physical state, Arez got more energy and a more explicit focus to prioritize his mental health, which made him cognitively stronger and increased his psychological and physical well-being.

“I learned to put myself first – because I wanted to give myself the best possible preconditions!”

Arez experienced that he found his way back to himself and to the motivation to start investing in his health. Along with the guidance from NEM, his awareness and attitude changed, not only to his health but to life. It was something that those around him noticed, and his dedication to health also began to produce positive outcomes at work resulting in increased productivity, better leadership, and a healthier work environment.

“When I became aware of my health in-depth, my leadership and self-leadership improved. I am much more goal-oriented and make better decisions than before.”

Arez describes that he has seen solid results throughout the journey but points out that the most outstanding results came after a more extended period of sustainable change, which motivates him to keep pushing forward when it comes to his development constantly.

“The new routines I have established with my physician make me feel good. One of my challenges has been allowing myself to deviate from my new routine and quickly get back while still maintaining focus. It helps me remain successful and cope with complex challenges at work and in my private life.”

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