End User License Agreement

As signatory of this document, hereinafter referred to as “End User”, you are directly or indirectly covered by an agreement, referred to as the “Agreement”, with Nordic Executive Medicine AB (559076-6381), hereinafter referred to as “NEM”, regarding NEMs products.

For NEM to provide the End User with the best possible care, a power of attorney is required to carry out orders and contracts in accordance with §1 in the name of the End User, as well as a consent to process the End User’s personal data in accordance with §2. By signing the Agreement and/or this document, the End User agrees to all content herein.

§1 Power of Attorney

§1.1 Limited power of attorney – care system

The End User leaves NEM a limited power of attorney, to perform in the End User’s name, what follows in §1.1.

  • order supplements
  • order wearables
  • order blood samples
  • order other products which NEM consider necessary, in the interest of promoting the End User’s individual health

To create accounts, in the name of the End User, with various systems. The accounts are created to deliver our service, ensure and improve quality of NEM’s services, and differs between different products and subscription plans.

Additionally, to create accounts and/or enter agreements with other care systems and/or IT solutions NEM considers necessary, in the interest of promoting the End User’s individual health.


§1.2 Limitations of the power of attorney

NEM must obtain a special permit from the End User, if an order or a contract in NEM’s capacity as proxy holder according to §1.1, will lead to additional costs for the End User, outside the price specified in the Agreement.

The end user is responsible for any additions the End User makes on his/her own, regarding NEM’s orders, or the agreements NEM has signed as a result of §1.1.


§2 Consent

By signing this document, the End User agrees to what follows in §2 and its subheadings.


§2.1 Personal data

When the End User uses NEM’s services, personal data about the End User is registered to ensure the quality of the products, to communicate with the End User and to comply with laws. All medical data the end user provides NEM, using NEM’s products may be saved and stored, unless otherwise specified.

The medical data and all patient administration are handled in accordance with the Patient Data Act, which regulates how long the data can be stored, who can be granted access to it and how it is protected.

More information about NEM’s processing of personal data can be found in NEM’s integrity policy which is available here.


§2.2 Providing of records and information

In order for NEM to provide the End User with the best possible care, NEM needs to receive the End User’s medical records. NEM recommends that these are requested from all care providers you have been in contact with for the past 12 months. As well as, all additional medical records and documents, which the End User deem relevant, for entry into NEM’s medical record system. For an additional fee, NEM may undertake the procedure of collecting these journals in the place of the End User. A special power of attorney form is required in such cases.

The End User is always responsible for ensuring that he or she notifies NEM of any information that may be relevant to the End Users care at NEM. The End User needs to continuously provide NEM with updated information, regarding that which does not appear in the records provided and which may be relevant to the care at NEM.


§2.3 Information from third party

The End User can, through the agreements the third-party care systems specified in §1.1, share its individual health data with NEM. To improve the quality of the services, NEM wants access to this data, to which the End User gives its consent.

The end user can give NEM a separate power of attorney to request his records and other relevant information from other care providers – as described in §2.2. NEM can be contacted for more information on this subject.


§2.4 Information to third party

NEM may transfer personal information about the End User to third parties. This can occur through referrals, transfer of medical records, in emergencies or when NEM is obligated to do so by law.

When NEM sends referrals or transfer medical records to third parties, such as another healthcare institution, NEM must consult the End User. The referral and/or medical records are designed in such a way that the relevant medical information is sent securely.

In the event of an emergency, where NEM deem that the End User’s relatives and/or other party must be notified promptly, NEM may do so without prior consent from the End User. The same applies when NEM is required by law to share information about the End User’s medical condition.


§2.5 Data processing through third parties

NEM may process personal data the End User provides NEM, through third parties. This is done to improve the quality of NEMs products. A written data processing agreement is always signed with these third parties, to ensure secure handling of personal data. A list of the third parties through which NEM process data can be provided at any time upon request.

NEMs responsibilities regarding personal data the End User provides, which is handled by a third party, are limited to the contents of the privacy policy and the specific data processing agreement.


§3 When the Agreement is signed by someone else

§3 only applies when someone other than the End User signs the Agreement, such as an employer.

By signing this End User License Agreement, the End User agrees to NEM’s Terms and Conditions and undertakes to abide by these as the “End User”. The Terms and Conditions can be found at: https://nem.health/en/terms-and-conditions/.

For NEM to be able to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement, NEM may disclose information about how the End User uses NEM’s products. Such information includes for example, how many meetings have taken place between the End User and NEM, during a specific time, and whether the meetings have taken place digitally or via physically.

If the End Users employer has signed the Agreement, it may be necessary to provide certain information to the employer, such as the manager. This is especially common in connection with rehabilitation meetings, where NEM mediates your rehabilitation plan. In such multi-party conversations, the recovery plan is discussed and planned collectively. The information provided is limited to relevant information, with the End User’s best health in mind.